Origin Of Diversity Within Species Essay

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It is estimated that there are one trillion species on earth despite all being originated from one common ancestor, LUCA. In this essay the importance and origin of diversity within species and between species is explored using Coleoptera as the taxonomic group. Coleoptera is the most dominant order of insects with 350,000-400,000 species, this is 40% of all insect species (Gillott, 1995) and the largest order in the animal kingdom. The degree of differences between individuals is large due to the changes in genotype. They are found almost in all regions of the world as they are able to survive and adapt to a range of habitats but they are not common in the sea or the polar regions.

Origin of diversity within species The individuals of a species are very diverse due to mutations; changes in the nucleotide sequence of an organism’s DNA (Campbell et al., n.d.2015). There are different types of mutations that can affect the DNA of an organism; substitution, insertion, deletion and frameshift. The Colorado potato beetle, leptinotarsa decemlineata, are key insects affecting the growth of potatoes and continues to expand its populations across America, Europe and Asia as it is highly adapted to an agriculture environment. To restrict this, a large range of insecticides have been used resulting in a high selection pressure which has led to the resistance of 52 vital chemical in insecticides. A mechanism of resistance that mutation has caused is target site…

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