Origin And Routes Of Dissemination Essays

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Origin and Routes of Dissemination Towards the end of the 1330s, a coccobacillus called Yersinia Pestis, which slumbered for centuries in the blood of rats underwent a deadly exodus. The rats were immune to the bacteria in their bloodstream, but not the fleas that fed on their blood. A toxin produced by Yersinia Pestis blocked the abdomen of the flea thus inhibiting it from swallowing the blood it sucked out of the rat. Then, when a flea bit a human, it would deposit the blood from the rat infected with the bacteria into the human’s blood stream. The first victim or patient zero of the plague was thus infected. In 1347, the fast-expanding Mongolian empire sought the acquisition of the strategic town of Caffa, which was a port city for merchant ships en route to Italy. The Mongols had tried twice already to take the city but this time, they confronted a new virulent enemy which decimated their armies. As the siege of the town of Caffa (modern day Crimea, Ukraine) was ending, the Mongolian horde was facing a swift defeat. The Mongolian Prince Janibeg sought to leave a fatal farewell gift to his enemies. He catapulted the plague-ridden corpses of his soldiers into the city walls of Caffa. As days passed by, a mysterious illness which brought sudden death hit the city. It is believed that this is the point of entry of the plague into Europe (Gabriele de’Mussi, circa 1349). Those who witnessed and experienced the calamity were distraught as mayhem…

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