Origin And Internal Identity In Fiela's Child By Dalene Matthee

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Origin is an integral facet of one’s identity, thus, their origin is able to disclose a great deal about their dispositional traits. Being unaware of one’s origin causes internal conflict because they aren’t aware of where they belong. In Fiela’s Child, Dalene Matthee exhibits how individuals like Benjamin, who lack knowledge about their origin are more likely to find refuge in anything or anyone that feels the most like family and adapt, completely disregarding the traits society believes they should have based on their outward appearance.
The lack of an origin can make it especially difficult for those who accept the individual lacking in identity because they aren’t able control the varying outside factors that affect the individual. This
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Benjamin reflects on his life and how he was able to overcome obstacles when it reads, “Who was he? What was the good of asking? There was no answer… still, he was someone. He was somewhere. He was in his body - and bigger than his body too: he stretched as far as the horizon, to the blue of the sky… Lukas van Rooyen and the seaman were dead, but he was alive and he could be whoever he wanted to be” (Matthee 349). Benjamin finally recognizes that he is in charge of his life and that his outward appearances do not determine who he is, but rather the values and moral he’s learned and entwined in his life. Mathee’s inclusion of this epiphany allowed for comprehension of what the concept of identity incorporated in the story was truly conveying. That one’s life experiences are more significant in shaping who one is than where one comes from because they have a greater impact in determining character. The experiences allow for different perspectives and origin may contribute to determining identity, but as one burgeons the identity changes too because of the varying experiences which are what will truly shape the individual. Overall, the author has given the audience an insight into how origin or lack thereof, has affected not only Benjamin, but also the people around

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