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Gene Frost
April 26, 2010
Kathy Maas

Organizing Alpha Home is a nonprofit organization that assists women in recovering from chemical dependency as well as the fallout of emotional scarring, sexual abuse, and homelessness associated with addiction (Frost, 2010). Located in San Antonio, Texas the organization was founded by Hulene Dempsy in 1966. Alpha Home has grown from being able to house only 10 women to its current capacity of 47 (Alpha Home, 2009). To operate a nonprofit organization successfully requires relationships with similar organizations, knowledge of state regulations, and a keen empathy for the client. Understanding finance is also essential for the success of Alpha Home and often the facets of
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For Alpha Home to receive adequate funding, the organization must be able to document the use of both state and federal monies for the maximum benefit of the patient. In order to acquire the logistics of such a monumental task, it is critical for the C.E.O. of Alpha Home to be active in local, state, and national professional organizations. One Texas state professional organization is The Association of Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP). Because state legislative paperwork is often lengthy and difficult to understand, ASAP acts as a liaison between state government and state funded substance abuse providers. Another organization considered the national authority on substance abuse treatment is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations (SAMHSA) (personal communication, April 22, 2010). The national economic struggles of the past year have made it difficult for nonprofits to obtain necessary funding, making it vital for a nonprofit to have a voice and a presence in professional organizations that can adequately represent its needs to the government. Along with the need to use monies from state and federal government contracts, donations from foundations and trusts (although small) are essential to maintain the existence of Alpha Home. “Individual donations, United Way support, and corporate support help fund Alpha Home, along with state and

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