Organizing Paper

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Organizing Paper

Organizing Paper When coming across the organization process of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton was the creator in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas (Wal-Mart Corporate, 2012). The organizing process is described as the management function of pulling together and synchronizing human financial, physical information and other assets required to accomplish goals (Bateman & Snell, 2009). In 1972 discount sores such as Kmart expanded. Sam Walton at that point in time had 15 Wal-Mart stores and did not have the funds to increase the amount of stores, so he offered Wal-Mart stock to the New York Stock Exchange. For the reason of the large profit that toke place from the sales of stock, Wal-Mart was able to expand. By the 80s hit
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Wal-Mart uses little micromanaging and teamwork is extremely encouraged by a technique of leadership applied back in the days of Sam Walton called “servant leadership”. This is where leaders work collectively with their staff. They also use an open door policy. This policy is used when any problems or concerns are uncertain whether they ethical or immoral and are brought to the awareness of the store manager, market manager, and or the human resources department. Wal-Mart has encountered a number of lawsuits in the past few years, which inquired their ethics. Their policies of employ, encouraging, and equality have all been inquired in cases like the sexual discrimination of women in June 2001 (Lithwick, 2011). According to the company’s business practices article done in 2010, they stated that a survey was done and the turnover rate was 70 % of employees would leave the company within the first year of employment (“Business Practices”, 2012). They also stated that it was because of the lack of acknowledgment and insufficient pay of the employees. Even though Wal-Mart had to face these assortments of problems that they have been faced with and the assumption that the human resources department does a bad job, Wal-Mart in fact strives for taking high-quality care of their staff. The company argues that their business is one of the top workplaces, which

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