Organizing Paper

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Organizing Paper MGT/330 March 20, 2011 Andrew Seamons

The biggest component to all organizations is the organizing functions of management. The organizing functions of management will establish the different levels of management within the organization and provide resources to all employees to work towards a common goal of the organization. The key to organizing functions of management will help determine goals along with objectives, responsibilities, and resources. This paper will address two resources, such as knowledge and technology that are key factors in the organizing function of management at
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Prudential has approximately about 42,000 employees in 37 countries worldwide. Prudential is a financial leader with approximately $784 billion of assets under management (
Prudential has well balanced businesses which helps them maintain a low risk factor within the sectors. Their wide range of insurance and related investment products and services that will address the increasing retirement needs for Americans and businesses worldwide. Prudential is an organization that does a good job of utilizing the functions of management that incorporate their knowledge and technology which impact the organization’s success. They utilize the functions of management by optimizing their knowledge and technologies for efficiency and effectiveness. Prudential’s mission is to become the No. 1 organization that will transform the retirement industry by providing a retirement savings into a lifetime of income for retirees.
What set Prudential apart from other organizations is that they have experience, knowledge, and technology. They have been around since 1875, helping people with their retirement and savings. They have been able to successfully organize their functions of management which incorporate knowledge and experiences about the trend of

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