Organized Crime Scene Analysis

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1. Briefly describe the difference between an organized and disorganized crime scene. Discuss the profile characteristics of each.
Organized and disorganized crime scenes (Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach (2012), p. 269) can help identify the type of criminal the authorities are dealing with, in organized crime scenes for example, indicate the criminal had time to plan the crime and had a specific victim in mind. Some of the characteristics of the criminal in organized crime scenes display a skilled and social person, someone who has control over himself. Disorganized crime scenes in the other hand display the opposite, an anxious and not so smart individual someone who acted in the spear of the moment out of rage or impulse. These
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This behavior happens for two reasons, as noted by Douglas and Munn (1992a), to re-direct the investigation or to protect the victim or the victim’s family. When the offender makes these alterations they don’t know what they are doing and make things obvious for investigators. The following are some examples of staging: when items are missing to show that it was a burglary gone badly and there are no signs of forceful entry, when a body is moved to another place to make it seem that the person at other place committed the crime, or when they try to make the crime scene look like a suicide. Crime scene staging help investigators focus on the victims closes friends or relatives.
6. Define investigative psychology.
Investigative psychology tries to understand the crime, the criminal’s behavior and helps determine proper conviction. It focuses on three questions (Canter and Alison, 2000, p.3); 1. What key behavioral help prosecute the offender? 2. What characteristics will help identify the offender? 3. What crimes could have been or might be committed by the same individual? I think that this process helps understand how a criminal operates and helps future investigations by narrowing down possible suspects.
7. List and define the types of multiple murders, and provide a contemporary example of
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In the type two the offender has a relation with the workplace but is not a direct relationship and it involves a previous or current client or customer. The offender in type three has a direct relation with the workplace and is currently employed or has been employed in the past. This offender was either fired or demoted and is angry or restful. The last category is type four where the offender has an indirect relationship with the company and could be a sentimental partner, friend or relative of a current or former employee. These categories are helpful in an investigation because it helps understand the motive behind the attack and this might help stop the next

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