Organized Crime And Political, Economic, And Social Structure

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Throughout history there has been some kind of connection between organized crime and politicians. They both share a desire for power and greed, thus making it not surprising that are connected in various scandals. Organized crime is outlined in the book as an integral part of society’s political, economic, and social structure (Lyman, 2015). Organized crime shares a symbolic relationship with politicians and vice versa. Organize crime, in return for favors, is able to provide public official campaign money, private graft, investment opportunities, and direct assistant in some types of bargaining and negotiations (Lyman, 2015). Also, the right amount of corruption amongst government officials is key to survival and profitability of organized crime. Therefore organized crime use bribery, campaign contributions, delivery of votes, and other favors to influence legislatures, judges, district attorneys and other political figures (Lyman, 2015). It is no surprise with the amount of corruption, money and influence presented by organized crime; high ranking public officials have been linked. Even the highest level of politicians, the president, has been linked to organized crime several times. In particular ex-President Kennedy, ex-President Nixon and ex-President Reagan all have been connected to organized crime at some part of history. John F. Kennedy was said to be connected to the Italian mob. This connection stems from his father, Joseph P. Kennedy’s involvement with the…

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