Essay about Organized Crime And Crime Groups

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Organized crime is complex in nature and differs quite drastically from regular crimes. Organized crime syndicates are often businesses that provide a set of illicit goods or services. Additionally, organized crime syndicates are hierarchical in nature and have strict regulations on who is allowed to join their organization. Often organized crime syndicates have an ethnic base for their members, meaning for example, that only Japanese members may be allowed. In an organized crime group, there are specific duties and rankings for each member. Furthermore, an organized crime group uses extreme force and coercion as a means of advancing their business. Often this force is used against public officials as a means extracting governmental power or acquiring immunity. In organized crime syndicates, it is expected that members operate under a code of secrecy, meaning that once a member is in, the member is in for life. Additionally, organized crime groups strive to monopolize the provision of their illicit good or service. Furthermore, organized crime groups often have a long rooted history and are expected to be a lasting enterprise. These enterprises are non-ideological and strive only to advance their illegal business. For organized crime groups, there is no political or religious motivation for their crimes. Organized crime groups are systematic in nature, as well as vastly wealthy, immensely powerful and near impossible to shut down.
Organized crime differs from regular…

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