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Developing a Leadership Strategy: The Case of the Toy Research Society

The Toy Research Society (TRS), a nonprofit organization, has been in existence for more than 70 years. The organization’s mission has remained the same during this time, but the membership, the use of the Society by nonmembers and the competitive landscape have changed substantially. Driven primarily by a board of directors and regional volunteer leaders, the Society has never had a formal leadership development philosophy. Now, the long-time president has retired, and TRS leaders are reflecting on how to prepare for the future, especially with increased calls for leadership role clarity and more delegation of work to members. As a member, you have the opportunity
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These spinoffs have contributed to the decline in TRS membership because TRS members are joining the mini-niche groups and allowing their TRS memberships to expire.
In addition, these mini-niche groups often are being called on by media outlets, further diluting TRS’s recognition factor by nonmembers and stealing away potential future members. Unfortunately, the mini-niche groups are sometimes less likely to provide a high-quality answer to a popular press interested in speedy responses. The end result is that TRS is being perceived as packaged with the other mini-niche groups and of only decent quality when it comes to toy research. For many years, there were no other options for people who wished to engage in a community of those passionate about toys and research related to toy history. Now, there are clearly defined alternatives for those who wish to be a part of a toy-related community.
As TRS grew, there were naturally occurring opportunities to be more creative. Regional leaders would capitalize on opportunities to collaborate and developed some outstanding co-regional research. However, the opportunities began coming in at a much faster pace and with shorter deadlines. As a result, collaboration among chapters has dissipated, and with shrinking membership, it has not re-emerged. This lack of collaboration represents another weakened competitive advantage for TRS. Related to this lack of collaboration is

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