Essay about Organizational, Time Management And Instructional Strategies

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The focus area for this observation: Organization and Time Management
I observed different styles of Best Practices listed below:
There are several best practices I found in this observation with Mrs. Wilkin classroom, which is organizational, time management and instructional strategies.
During the observation, I noticed Mrs. Wilkin organizational skills in the classroom with the layout of the room and materials easily accessible. When entering the room, the students had a clear understanding of knowing where everything belongs. An example of this occurred with the homework folded label with date and time when it was due. Also, the teacher marked all workstation and reading station with books from fiction to nonfiction. Each work activity separated with clear instruction of what the student should complete at that station. The desk arrangement was in five groups with four desks in each site with team names in the center. In the back of the room students, jackets and lunch boxes stored neatly on shelves and hooks with plastic containers for extra storage for student’s personal belongings. On the left of the room was the computer station with a sign in list for the student working on a project after finishing others assignments. However, each computer numbered when the teacher designated particular class work or team work.

In fact, Mrs. Wilkin classroom exhibited her organizational skills as the students maneuver throughout the classroom without encountering confusion…

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