Organizational Theory Essay

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COURSE SYLLABUS Updated 3/3/2014 FACULTY MEMBER: Sherry L. Read, MS, MBA TERM: Spring 2014 COURSE TITLE: Organization Theory and Design COURSE NUMBER: MGT 6501 FACULTY CONTACT INFORMATION: I can be reached by through email, and will respond within 24 hours, usually sooner. In an emergency situation, you can reach me on my cell at 302-545-2892. COURSE DESCRIPTION:
This course focuses on the classical and modern aspects of organizations and the role of managers as leaders and facilitators of
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7. Analyze and enhance personal competence in communication, problem solving, decision-making and interpersonal skills. 8. Demonstrate, orally and in writing, the ability to integrate and communicate knowledge, ideas, and innovations about individuals and organizations. METHODOLOGY: A. Teaching Methods: This learning environment will be interactive with the objective of empowering the student to create an experience that is relevant to his or her learning goals. Each student will have the opportunity to engage in reading, analysis and critical thinking in a way that will add to the learning of the class. B. Evaluation Procedures: | Due Date | % of Grade | Class Participation | Every Class | 14% | Short Paper | Sunday Mar 30 | 15% | Blogs (6) * | Mondays before class* | 18% | Group Presentation (including 3% team participation grade) | Class 5: April 8 | 18% | Final Project Paper | Sunday April 27

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