Essay on Organizational Theory And Its Effect On Society

2254 Words May 11th, 2016 10 Pages
The beauty that exists with power is that everyone has experienced it, everyone has been exposed to it and that everyone has a fair understanding of it (Shafritz, 2015). The realisation of power emerges as early as childhood when discovering that our teachers and parents may have instructed us not to do something if it was not permitted, by firmly saying “don’t do that!” Power is inherent in all arenas of life from family to the workplace to our relationships. We start to learn and become more exposed to power as soon as we attend school, with a certain structure in place that assures some line of authority. As university students, we should all by now have a reasonably decent gist on the basic elements of organisational power as it has become more apparent collectively in our daily lifestyle and past experiences. Organizational power therefore is not new to us in the sense of understanding it, rather the effects on the self and incorporating intellectualism with organizational theory is a key discussion point that is widely open and applicable to everyone. In this essay, I will explore the personal constraints of organizational power through my experiences regarding households, school and sport environments.
Every day of our lives, we are exposed to systems of power that others have established. However, whether they are sensed or not, or understood why they exist or why it matters, is a point to be examined. Power is a topic that individuals, self-included, find difficult…

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