Essay on Organizational System and Quality Leadership Task 1

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

Organizational System and Quality Leadership
RKOT Task 1

April 1, 2012 Abstract
Leadership is in many ways a responsibility, whether it’s an appointed job as a leader or a role you find yourself in unexpectedly you must perform adequately not just to accomplish the given task but to also have those following you achieve a given goal. Some are natural born leaders, taking responsibilities for self, never pointing fingers and possessing the ability to find solutions to the obstacles that arise. Others can learn how to lead and achieve the same results. In the medical field, when we look to our leaders it is so that they can lead us to be able to provide and deliver safe quality
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To accomplish these they share leadership that is appropriate to the presenting problem and promote the use of differences for confrontation and collaboration." (Drinka & Clark, 2000).
Working as a nurse one must have a strong sense of team work, possessing the ability to know when to and how to effectively communicate with coworkers for the better of the patient. The profession of nursing is one that cannot function by itself; a nurse must recognize that the care of the patient is delivered by the interdisciplinary health care team. An example of a medical setting in which communication is of utmost importance would be in an operating room. In this setting the task at hand is coordinated by a number of healthcare professionals that must communicate with each other throughout the procedure. The team may be conducting a briefing before a procedure for the necessary identification of the patient, or the ongoing communication that takes place between doctor and nurse as they exchange tools and inform of patient data such as fluctuating vital signs.
Another example can be a busy medical surgical floor, in which there are patients constantly going to and coming from exams, discharges and admissions, medical orders that are written and must be implemented, or changes in patient’s condition. Nurses in this environment must prepare to communicate with the unit secretary for the coming and going of patients, and the orders which the secretary may

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