Organizational Structure Essays

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Organizational Structure
Brian G. Nordmann

August 24, 2004

With every business that wants to grow and be profitable comes the inevitable, and that is change. Change is part of any organization be it a religious, educational, familial or our work environment. Without change we would not have walked on the moon, broken Olympic records or even have on-line classrooms. Change is not the challenge; it is managing that change as individuals that may be detrimental to the organization.
Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist, developed a change model that can help us understand the necessity for change and how to manage it a little better. Kreitner – Kinicki describes Lewin's change model as (2003) "a three-stage model of planned
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The first part of the theory suggests a framework of studying organizational processes. As Baack and Cullen further explain the Catastrophe model suggests the size and centralization of the organization is applicable based on theoretical and empirical evidence. The third part of the theory is based on the (Baack and Cullen 1994) centralization that is "drawn from literature dealing with evolutionary and revolutionary changes in organizational structure."
Keeping the three parts mentioned above in mind, Cryer and Elton explain that with any application of the Catastrophe Theory, a crucial aspect is the control factors. Baack and Cullen suggest that the following conditions must be satisfied (1990):
1) Control factors must be independent of each other.
2) The splitting factor must be chosen so that it can produce more than one stable state.
3) The number of control factors that an application requires must be determined by the number of stable states.
4) The control factors must be appropriate to the application.
Planned change consists primarily of influencing the work practice of the people involved. Therefore, in investigating change (Baack and Cullen 1990) "it is reasonable to look for control factors which relates to the behavior of people at work." (p3)
Change is essential in any business, and we must be aware of what drives these changes. The need for changes is based on internal and external

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