Organizational Structure Of The Organization Essay

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Today’s topic is Organizational Structure and we would like to take a few minutes to illustrate its definition and list a few different types which are currently being deployed within the work place. Organizational Structure is the basic framework which house or describes the leadership structure of the organization and provides an illustration of the leadership hierarchy system. Without Organizational Structure there would be no way to understand the chain of command of the organization, its leadership formation, who the decision makers are within the organization or any formal responsibility areas as it pertains to the organization and its supervisory arrangement . Organizational Structure basically tells the story of who is in charge, what are the positions of leadership and where one could look to find out how the organizations is being ran. For example some Organizational Structure shows the top leaders within an organization, their next level of command along with their assigned department structure, all the way down to the final level of supervision. You may also find by examining the Organizational Structure no top leader being some organizations choice to run their organization by committee, who share equally power within the organization with high-level decisions voted and approved by the group within this organizational structure. Some configurations may indicate assignees are tasked out to various departments under a matrix structure with no fixed leaders. There…

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