Organizational Structure Of The Health Care System Essay

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Week 6, Eddy/N400 It seems the recent changes in the health care system will help test the organizational structure of the hospitals structure in the US. The only way for a national health care reform to succeed is to empower two of the most key players: the patients and the nurses, because nurses are the front liner in implanting the changes whether they initiate it or it comes from outside. With the patient determination act, we have seen a change of power from health care professional to the patient who retains the last word in his treatment Nurses cannot play an important role without physician and a place to work. The place to work is an organization that could be a hospital, nursing home or hospice. Without empowerment from our work environment our effort to deliver quality of care will be only a concept. For example, we have seen some great hospital in NY such as Strong and NY Presbyterian hospitals developing program to empower their nurses and they believe the best way to do it is via education. This week we are focusing on the importance of organizational structure as part of leadership and management class. Our goal this week is to look into different aspects of our environmental organization such as internal structure that applies organizational process. How the skills we are learning this week pattern to this organization?
There is no perfect model in term of structure. Some of us who like the share governance model may now work with an organization…

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