Organizational Structure And The Decision Making Process Of A Healthcare System

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Organizational Structure Communication and the decision making process of a healthcare system is based on the organizational structure. Organizational structure is represented as a diagram that defines the leadership chain of command and responsibilities of members of the organization. Nurse leaders must be aware of their organizational structure in order to be successful. Major components of organizational structures will be addressed in more depth later in this discussion. Magnetism and how it affects functionality of an organization will be discussed.
Major Components of Organizational Structure: There are both formal and non-formal structures in organizations. According to Marquis and Huston (2012), the formal structure is usually out in the open for anyone to refer to, and is highly structured. The informal structure is one that may change from unit to unit, and cannot always be seen by outsiders. The example provided by King Saud University (n.d), further delves into components of organizational charts, and highlights the importance of the chart being clear, and concise, easy to understand, and one that clearly shows the chain of command, and formal relationships. Unfortunately, organizational charts can fail to address informal structure, which include personal and professional relationships at unit based levels. Marquis and Huston (2012), suggest that organizational charts do not always clearly indicate responsibility or accountability. Furthermore, organizational…

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