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Dynacorp: Case Analysis

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February 3, 2012
Dynacorp: Case Analysis
Dynacorp, officially The Dyna Corporation, is a major global information systems and communications company. It was originated as an office equipment company and moved in the 1960s and 1970s into high-technology applications. In the 1980s the company became an industry leader by being the first to provide innovative and high quality products. The demand for products was so high that customers were willing to wait for months just to have them delivered. Growth and earnings slowed in the 1990s as the company’s costs increased, value-added services and solutions were not offered, new products were slow to market, and the products were not
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When most of the leadership assignments of the new Business Units (BU) came from the old engineering division it was revealed that engineering still held the power. One indicator of the political strength was the difficulty Dynacorp experienced in moving new product designs between engineering and manufacturing. The new Dynacorp combined engineering and manufacturing into BUs, and due to the political history between these old divisions it becomes imperative that they must learn to work together. The new structure must get buy-in from all employees, find allies, and build coalitions and networks that are in sync with company goals. Key players in the BUs must work to bridge structural gaps.
Cultural Lens Because of the restructure, employees are in new roles and are interacting with different groups. Within the new structure a culture must be fostered among the employees that will allow them to find new allies, create new networks and mix up the previous subcultures. Position descriptions and training will have to be provided in order for the employees to become fully functioning. The new political structure must be the driver that aligns cultural and political areas of Dynacorp. Individual rewards rather than team rewards must be reviewed.

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Strategic Design Lens Based on the analysis of the alternatives, the best strategic design for Dynacorp is the Front/Back with strengthened linking mechanisms to facilitate growth of

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