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Organizational Psychology Paper
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Organizational Psychology
Denisha White
April 19, 2010

Organizational Psychology Paper
To understand the full concept of organizational psychology, he or she should be able to define organizational psychology. Simply put, organizational psychology is the structure of a company and the ways people react within that particular company (Rego, 2010). Several organizations use some form of organizational psychology to improve desired results of his or her employees. More than a few believe that companies utilize organizational psychology to understand why people act in a certain way, or perhaps to determine ones outcome prior to the end.
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Some employees stay with companies because they have positive feelings about an organization; this is known as affective commitment. Scientist has linked affective commitment to high turnovers in companies. All aspects of employee’s skills and abilities refer to some measurement for an organization to use to enhance its employees. When a new employee is hired that employee is not contributing positively to the company in a period. This is because the new hire is not properly trained.
Several companies have implemented some form of teamwork. Teamwork has proven to motivate people and challenge the slower employees. Companies desire to have some way to track their employees (Research, March). To arrive at desired results from people one must have a plan. This is where I/O comes in, with thorough statistics and documents, companies implement different standards and quotas to hold people accountable (Research, March). With the results companies set out to reward people that exceed these desired expectations. This is a goal that one must seek to achieve to get the extras that companies are rewarding the over achievers. With this tactic, people are motivated to do more and the company gets more out of its employees. The reason many companies desire teamwork in a company is because more than a few believe that a team can achieve much more than one individual.
In conclusion, effective communication is mandatory

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