Organizational Performance Management Table At The United States Of Veterans

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Organizational Performance Management Table
Performance management is an influential process that is intended to develop programs, implement and monitor the progress and outcomes of employee’s performance that produce positive results. It involves methods or techniques that a manager applies to employees in achieving the organizational goals and mission and helping staff learn the importance of their contributions. These organizations share common goals. Their overall goals should reflect providing quality services and the safety of the patients. Establish guidelines to ensure that; regulations, policies, and procedures are carried out. Managing risks is vital to all organizations therefore, they should continue to monitor performances, follow regulatory and accreditation compliance set forth by the company and the federal government. The following paper will discuss the similarities and differences of health care organizations; the United States of Veterans Affairs (VA), laboratories, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and pharmacies. Provide ways to monitor performance, achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance. Define the communication with leadership in aligning goals, and discussing regulation compliances of risk and quality management systems to improve the overall organizational performance.
Similarities and Differences of Organizations
Many organizations may have different methods to achieve results, but they all have a common ground in reaching…

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