Organizational Outcomes Of Employee Satisfaction Essay

1772 Words Oct 26th, 2014 null Page
The current economic downturn seems to cause employers to ignore employees’ satisfaction as critical to successful organizational outcomes. Employee satisfaction is particularly critical in healthcare settings as it is directly related to patient outcome. As the number of positions decreases, the workload becomes more stressful for nurses left to pick up the slack. Because of MMC’s new cost saving measures, the reduced nursing staff feels unfairly treated and overworked while the technical lab workers are dissatisfied and are consequently withdrawing from the organization. Because employee satisfaction is substantially related to effective productivity, keeping employees satisfied with their careers should be a major priority for every employer. The company has to take action soon to remedy the issue that could otherwise lead to workers turnover, increased hiring and training costs, loss of profitability and further jeopardize patient’s outcomes.
Some facts: In order to maintain a full range and level of services to the population they serve while remaining viable in the competitive health-care market, MMC has resolved to reduce costs by downsizing its nursing staff and service personnel. In this process, they have lost some of the most experienced and well-liked nurses. The company has indeed been able to save some money, but unfortunately, this has led to work overload, a feeling of unfairness in the reassignment of patients, and a feeling of injustice…

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