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One of its crucial disadvantages is that it provides no yardstick for measuring the relative value of all jobs and provides little assistance in comparing jobs in different or geographically dispersed units when there is no basis for equating jobs that differ by kind of subject matter or kind of but that have similar levels of difficulty, responsibility, and qualification requirements (pg176).

4. What must be done to develop a predetermined grading or position classification method?

Survey data is important and can be helpful when companies evaluate their employees. These types of analysis are utilized to determine whether or not the employee is performing their tasks well. When developing a predetermined grading classification you must identify and describe the benchmark that would normally be paid at the highest and lowest levels of pay and sufficient jobs between these two points to establish an orderly scale of pay relationship. Positions are analyzed and evaluated and the pay grade classification standard must have sufficient detail so that the non-benchmark job descriptions can be compared with the grade narratives and the jobs then placed in the appropriate grades (pg177).

5. How does the Smyth-Murphy method of market pricing differ from a pure market-pricing approach to establishing job worth?

Smyth-Murphy method differs from pure market pricing approach because it permits the influence of
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