Organizational Management And Leadership From A Theoretical Basis

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Introduction to the topic
The assigned reading for forum 6 provided insight on organizational management and leadership from a theoretical basis. The chapter discusses various conflicts and the manager’s role in behavior modification. The contributors to behavioral based, need based, and job based motivational theories were discussed along with the equity theory. The chapter concluded with extensive discussion about the positive and negative attributes and appropriate use of teams along with characteristics of high and low performance teams.
Group Consensus: Three Concepts
Group 4 agreed that organizational management and leadership is a catalyst for success both from the employee and employer perspective. According to Lazaroiu (2015), management must execute the directives and activities of others, cultivating the required capacities and dedication of their workers. It is imperative for a leader to manage conflict proactively, instill the proper motivation, and utilize teams when appropriate to ensure the organization stays on track for goal attainment. During the group discussion, the general consensuses of the three most important concepts were motivation theories, managing conflict, and the benefit of teams.
Motivation Theories. Organizational success is dependent on numerous internal and external factors. Employee motivation is considered vital to achieving success in an organization. According to Satterlee (2013), effective managers need to understand…

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