Organizational Learning : A Learning Organization Essay

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In order for a business to be successful it must become a learning organization. The business must transition from individual to organizational learning. Organizational learning Garvin defines as “a process of detecting and correcting errors, and the process of improving actions through better knowledge and understanding.” The way organizational learning occurs is through shared insights, knowledge, and mental models, builds on past knowledge and experience that is on memory. During my time at my employer I have been able to identify if my company is a learning organization. I have discovered that we are not a learning organization. We are in the transition of becoming one, but we have many stubborn employees who are unwilling to change their behavior. There are many occasions where new ideas and practices are introduced to help shape our organization and my coworkers are not as cooperative. This is one of the barriers that are hindering our growth as a learning organization. There is also a lack of communication between the managers and their employees within my organization. Communication is a crucial component in any organization. The issues I have identified in my organization are lack of timely feedback, flawed interpretation, and inaction. There must be practices and actions enforced in my organization to help shape our company into a learning organization.
Theory/Concept that applies The first step in improving the organization is taking action by communicating to…

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