Brad Howser Leadership Style Case Study

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Leadership Case
Patience is a virtue, and considering the youth of the company and likely the personnel (the founders were only a handful of years out of law school), being able to be patient and allow changes to naturally reconcile is an advantage for a company who will likely have long term personnel leaders. So, the partners of the law firm wanted to hire someone to add long term strategic decisions to set a foundation for how the company should operate from a general management role.
For this strategy of management to effectively succeed the new hire by the partners, Brad Howser, was delegated the authority to make non-programmed decisions regarding office personnel and current and potential client quality outreach. Over the first few months
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Howser’s style seemed reasonable at first, he allowed his competent task force to work autonomously and followed suit in his own right. During the first few months, Howser seemed to show appropriate leadership skills by allowing a highly-motivated group to perform duties as usual, however, as time progressed his leadership style transformed into a role closer associated as autocratic. The Hersey-Blanchard situational theory is chart-like in that it shows what style of leadership should be employed to a group of subordinates as it shows direction and transformation. As the text suggests the office personnel had developed a high environment of morale with a keen sense of readiness likely derived from a strong office quality of willingness. As far as we can all see, the task force lies somewhere between an R3 and R4 of readiness, where in the first few months, Howser seemed to show an S3 or an S4 of style. The transformation worked in concert with Howser’s assertiveness as he abruptly moved to an S1 …show more content…
The leadership style used should be contingent on the level of readiness the employee has regarding the task that they are required to handle. The following paragraphs will talk about a real-life experience that happened while working at The Home Depot.
It was about two years ago; the Home depot was getting ready for the stores biggest day of the year black Friday. The Store Manager gave instructions to his employees that by 10 O’clock the store needed to be fully set up and ready to open on the morning of black Friday. Around 9:00p.m. that day the store manager came out and started yelling that everything was set up wrong it was not what he wanted. He started telling each assistant manager that they needed to set up each department differently and had to change the entire layout. The leadership style being used by this manager was clearly S1 style, where he would tell and micromanage all the other managers. The task oriented manager did not care if people wanted to leave and get ready to spend time with their families they needed to complete this task his way. This was not the first instance of this happening, by the time this incident occurred assistant managers were already fed up with his style of management. Most assistant managers had between 5-10 years’ experience and fell into the category of R3 readiness. The employees were R-3 level of employees

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