Essay about Organizational Leadership : Business Analysis And Leadership

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Organizational leadership is a very important piece to a company’s overall success and it is what strives managers into the leaders that they can become today. The whole idea behind organizational leadership is management, and also ways to find out what kind of management still you may be. It focus is to make a manager work towards what’s best for an individual and what is best for a group as a whole. Organizational leadership not only covers the management side, but it also an individual in any role within an organization, whether it is from the top, middle, or the bottom. This was better understood by reading the assigned book for the class which was Business Analysis and Leadership. This book can really open your eyes when it comes to organizational leadership especially because of the four areas that the book covered, which are leadership of self, leadership within a project, leadership within an organization, and leadership within the wider world. Reading this book opened my eyes to a better understanding of how my company works with the leadership team, although I did find the best knowledge I learned from my company was when I interviewed two of the managers earlier in the class. The HBR book also had a lot of interesting points that stuck out to me, these were What makes a leader, The Seven Transformation of Leadership, and Discover Your Authentic Leadership. Not saying that I didn’t enjoy the other sections, rather I felt these three sections were the most…

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