Organizational Leadership and Interprofessional Team Development

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Organizational Leadership and Inter-professional Team Development

The Patient and Family Care Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (PFCC) for current practice setting will be completed as well as the organization in its entirety. The results will be analyzed based on a one to five scoring system with one being the lowest. The areas where the organization could improve its PFCC care will be discussed. The analysis of how business practices and regulatory requirements impact patient family centered care. A strategy will be created that includes goals and an operational plan to increase PFCC of the organization by improving one of the gaps that’s identified. I will discuss financial implications that this strategy may have on
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FHN seeks to build relationships with congregations, clergy and the community to promote health and wholeness. Healthcare education is offered by the FHN liaison to the community and has direct contact with MCHS’s FHN Nurse Navigator, who is an employee of MCHS. Together these individuals will help answer questions, schedule educational outreach for the patient and their families they will work with their congregation and provide support if admission to the hospital is ever needed. When it comes to your health, you can feel confident knowing that the new MCHS is your one source for patient and family centered care as the hospital system has developed a full service Integrated delivery system, services offered are listed below:
 Cancer
 Cardiology
 Cauterization Lab
 Chest Pain Center
 Cardiac Rehab
 Electrophysiology
 Cardiac Surgery
 Community Outreach
 A Tu Salud (To Your Health)
 Permian Basin Health Fair
 Odessa Farmers Market
 Spirit of Women
 Community Health
 Faith and Health Network
 Diabetes Center
 Emergency and Trauma
 Level II Trauma Center
 Imaging Services
 CT- 128 Slice
 Diagnostic
 Interventional Radiology
 MRI- 3 Tesla Verio
 Digital Mammography
 Nuclear Medicine
 Ultrasound
 Electro diagnostics
 Echo
 Respiratory Therapy
 Sleep Center

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