Organizational Leader 's Identity And Behavior Essay

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According to Karp and Thomas (2009), an organizational leader usually leads a group of people, and this group of people is a reflection of one’s identity. In essence, a leader’s identity and behavior are usually shaped by one’s group/organization, as much as, one’s identity and behavior shaped the group/organization in one’s acknowledgement of others (Karp & Thomas, 2009 ). Thus, the role of an organizational leader tends to emerge, and is constantly repeated in the what Karp and Thomas (2009) described as social processes of recognition
According to Quinn (2005), when an organizational leader does his/her best work is when that particular person does not copy anyone else, in that, the person draws on what is described as one’s own fundamental values and capabilities (Quinn, 2005). Though, the fundamental state of leadership is usually highlighted as the way an organizational leader leads when one faces a crisis. However, an organizational leader might enter into the fundamental state of leadership without a particular crisis (Quinn, 2005). Quinn (2005) emphasized that over time a leader usually becomes more effective when one purposefully chooses to enter the fundamental state of leadership regardless of the particular situation.
It is telling that Quinn (2005) stated that most organizational leaders tend to operate within their comfort zones, in that, these individuals permit the external forces to guide their actions and decision-making. As a result, according to Quinn…

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