Organizational Development Essay

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Contents Acknowledgement 3 Introduction to the case study 4 Literature Review 5 What is OD intervention ? 5 Factors That Impact the Success of OD Interventions can be listed under two main headings, 5 Intervention Categories 7 The process of Organizational Development 9 Change management 11 Report to be given to CEO of Nuran food products 12 Implementing an effective and successful OD process 12 Impact of Closing down of plant in Kandy 15 Recommendations 16

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II. Technology and Structure Issues: These refer to issues relating to how organizations divide their work amongst departments and how they coordinate between departments. III. Human Resource Issues: These issues are concerned with attracting competent people to the organization, setting goals for them, appraising and rewarding their performance, and ensuring that they develop their careers and manage stress. IV. Human Process Issues: These issues have to do with social processes occurring among organization members, such as communication, decision-making, leadership, and group dynamics.

B. Organizational Levels
OD interventions are aimed at different levels of the organization: individual, group, organization and trans-organization (for example different offices of the organization around the globe; or between organization and its suppliers, customers, etc.)

Intervention Categories

Human Process Interventions A. The following interventions deal with interpersonal relationships and group dynamics.

I. T Groups: The basic T Group brings ten to fifteen strangers together with a professional trainer to examine the social dynamics that emerge from their interactions. II. Process Consultation: This intervention focuses on interpersonal relations and social dynamics occurring in work groups. III. Third Party Interventions: This change method is a form of

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