Essay on Organizational Development : An Organization

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Organizational Development is the study that introduces more effective ways for organizations to implement change and improve performance to effectively adapt to changing trends, cycles, and business needs. There are different variations of how this can be accomplished depending on the best approach for the organization however the end results are focused on broadening the scope of knowledge and understanding to create effective and refined processes and improve production while and employee happiness. In comparison Change Management focuses more on desired vision of the future for an individual, group, or organization. The approach identifies and aligns actions and processes for implementation. A change leader focuses on their client’s goals and establishes a clear path for the future success that includes profitability and overall job satisfaction.
An organization analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of Organizational Development must consider the following in order to recognize if change can help and/or is needed. Organizational Development requires a systematic analysis of the entire organization. Especially focusing on the areas that need improvement. The analysis will delve into the all aspects of operations to get a clear understanding of what can be changed to improve performance. This process includes data gathering, communication, strategizing, and implementing. The desired results should be increased profitability and employee happiness. However…

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