Organizational Design Essay

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Organizational Design
Yes or No
L. Gina Hunter
Miramar Campus

Academic Writing for Graduate Student II
Prof. Méndez
March 24, 2015
The Organizational Design of a Company is necessary for success.
Have you ever wondered how some organizations always at the top of the charts, but others don’t survive? Organizational Design Inescapable?
A solid organizational design is what makes the difference; it relies on how strong and solid the organizational structure and design are. According to the Center for Organizational Design, organizational design is defined as a step by step methodology that identifies dysfunctional aspects of workflow, procedures, structures and systems. Realigns them to fit
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d.). However, as the global competition and a change in technology increases, the organizations face countless difficulties. Creating the right strategies and structures for the organization have become more complex and in need of extraordinary management skills, dedication, and perseverance. From designing steps explaining to each employee, what his/her new role will be to make them completely aware of their work expectations (Corkindale, 2011). In this process, businesses around the world are changing the extent of their business operations, modifying their organization charts, redefining the decision-making authority and responsibility, reinventing the procedures for motivating and rewarding people. The organizations are also re-evaluating which activities to conduct in-house and which to outsource, reorganizing their information systems and seeking to change the belief values and norms that their people hold. In order to increase the productivity and their growth (Roberts, 2004). But nevertheless, as the re-structuring of the business operations processes is vital to the success of the organization. The team must be prepared to deal with the demands on the human part of the organization. Identifying and understanding the human resources of the organization will help the company to identify issues

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