Organizational Design Paper

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Running Head: Organizational Design

Organizational Design
Linda Alicea
February 1, 2013
Vinnette Batiste, PhD., MBA

Organizational Design of Elmhurst General Hospital
Every hospital, large or small, has an organizational design and structure that will facilitate the efficient and smooth daily operations for the efficient management of various departments (Burton, DeSanctis & Obe, 2004). Within a hospital setting, organizational design is a formal, guided process that integrates employees, patients, people, information, and technology, and serves as a key structural element that also allows Elmhurst to maximize value by matching its corporate design to overall strategy (Glickman, Baggett, Krubert,
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In other words, each various clinical departments, nursing, laboratory services and so on within Elmhurst has a manager that reports to higher management levels and then eventually to the hospital's CEO (Burton et al., 2004; Glickman et al., 2007).
Internal and External Factors
At Elmhurst, internal and external factors facilitate the hospital’s modifications in order to meet the demands of such factors and the overall accountability at the hospital (Davis & Schoenbaum, 2010). To this end, certain factors that are critical to the changes include but are not limited to: standards committees and regulatory agency to ensure a certain level of patient care is set and maintained. It is also important that patients’ privacy is held in the highest regard, and that frauds are made less likely.
The external factors influencing Elmhurst include: patient demands for better care delivery and increased efficiency, government policy changes and health reforms, the economy, demographic factors (e.g., longer wait times), technology, process outcomes and expectations for quality and competition. Internal factors that affect Elmhurst includes but are not limited to turnover rates of staff, lack of communication and flow of coordination, lack of accountability in certain areas such as dispensing of narcotics, complaints and dissatisfaction from employees regarding insufficient perks, and

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