Organizational Culture Essay

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Organizational culture influences many aspects of work life. Workplace cultures that are grounded in strong and formally articulated values and modes of behavior define an organization. Well-communicated values influence employee behavior and drive how employees relate with all stakeholders within the organization—from co-workers, management and members of the board to clients, shareholders and the community at large. When organizations seek to change their culture, HR—as change agent and educator of the change process—plays a significant role in this endeavor. In addition, HR's role is both up front and in the background, by leading, supporting, coaching, encouraging, measuring and evaluating the change during the process and over time. …show more content…
It took time to shift the mindset of leaders. Working in stages, the company established tools and processes to reinforce and maintain behavior changes, such as updating leadership competencies and revamping performance management and compensation programs to reflect the new competencies. In recent years, measures of success have reflected the shift in cultural values. For example, in the 2003 employee survey, personal accountability scored 83% favorable and "will to win" was 66% favorable. All in all, this depicts how a thoughtful organizational change initiative can renew corporate values and continue to earn customer loyalty and better drive future business growth.
Gap, Inc. - In 2002, the goal of Gap, Inc.'s new CEO was to better position the company as a growth organization and a great place to work. A significant cultural transformation was required to support each employee around a common framework and create a shared way of thinking. For the cultural shift to be effective, it was necessary to transition from employee thinking by division (e.g., Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy

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