Organizational Culture Is Important Factor For Making Changes

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However, Grau and Moormann (2014) indicate that although organizational culture is important, it has been lightly reviewed in the literature and merely mentioned among a multitude of other factors. Nafei (2014) states that the organization should consider three main factors in the case of change: technological, organizational and personal perspectives. In addition, he states that people are the most important factor for making changes, although people are also the most difficult element to deal with. Since all Omani universities and colleges are currently undergoing the accreditation process, they should be aware that it will lead to a lot of changes in their current cultures. According to Godemann, Bebbington, Herzig and Moon (2014), accreditation is necessary to gain proactivity of the leaders and faculty in establishing positive changes. Cooper, Parkes and Blewitt (2014) indicate that accreditation is considered a driver of change for the current organizational culture.
The organization should identify the main elements or factors that will help drive the cultural change process on the right track. According to Campos, Mendes, Silva and Valle (2014), leadership, factual knowledge of current quality culture and management of critical success factors are the main elements of the cultural change process. The culture of the university reflects the genetic environment of the universities, which is not documented, although there are fixed regulations and rules (Todorut,…

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