Organizational Culture At The Level Of The Individual, Team And Organization

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This paper discusses conceptualization and measurements of organizational culture at the level of the individual, team and organization. It showed that the background of individuals, as well as the character of strong leadership had the tendency of influencing organizational culture. At the team level, culture was found to be a product of interaction and common experiences that grow to become shared norms and values. Also, organizational culture was noted to be a product of a system of social control or a developments from the tried and tested practices of organizational decision making. A proper understanding of the roles of these different levels of analysis was judged essential in fostering a culture of creativity and innovation.

Culture has been defined as the collection of mindset elements that distinguish members of one group or categories of people from another, encompassing attributes such as values, heroes and symbols (Puck, Rygl, & Kittler, 2007). Capitalizing on these different attributes, this paper looks at the interplay between culture and creativity and innovation, at the level of the individual, the group/team, the organization and the country. Following an exploration of the concepts and how organizational culture attributes are measured, the impact of these concepts on creativity and innovation are examined. With specific examples, suggestions are made on how the culture of creativity and innovation could be encouraged, with a focus on an agro-industrial…

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