Organizational Culture And Working Hours At W.l Essay

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Today in the American workplace, as well as in other developed countries, many employers are considering the work-life balance of their employees. Gill Maxwell’s Case Study Series on Work-Life Balance in Large Organizations investigates work-life balance and flexible work arrangements in different companies. Maxwell focuses on work-life balance within W.L. Gore, Motorola, and IKEA. Each case highlights the conditions and requirements necessary to make work-life programs and practices successful. Maxwell gathered information from three key informant interviews in each organization.
Case Study One focuses on organizational culture and working hours at W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. This global company is headquartered in Newark, Delaware, and produces exclusive technologies with versatile polymer polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) used in products in the health care and leisure industries (Maxwell 17). The company emphasizes teamwork and the emergence of leaders. Also, Gore has few company policies and procedures or rules, and there are no set working hours. Employees may choose to work from home, and participate in videoconferences and conference calls. Gore’s corporate culture and flexible work hours encourage a healthy work-life balance, and also contributes to it its repeatedly being included in Fortune magazine’s best companies list.
Case Study 2 concentrates on job sharing at Motorola. Motorola is a U.S. company that employs more than 100,00 people globally. “Today, it is…

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