Organizational Culture And Performance Of An Organization Essay

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Additionally, by appealing to the employee 's personal value systems, motivation to succeed will be increased, along with their level of performance and therefore, there is predictable certainty that, the culture and performance of an organisation are closely connected (Lumby 2012). Regrettably, to its own detriment, FIFA over time has successfully created an organisational culture that has proven to be corrupt, seriously lacking in ethics, effective leadership and transparency (Roan, 2014).
The three major business cultures are bureaucratic, results-driven, and entrepreneurial, where FIFA would be categorised as a bureaucratic culture because the power and control exerted by the executive. Coincidentally, research has shown that the adoption of Management Control Systems, in organisations with bureaucratic cultures, is typically minimal (Lee & Widener 2013). It is therefore ironic, that such an organisation, would espouse the virtues of its use of a management control system.

Management Control Systems
As described in the introduction, a management control system (MCS) is defined, as the adoption of various techniques to monitor and measure employee performance, in comparison to the targets set by an organisation’s management. Ultimately, an MCS is used to influence organisational strategies, by evaluating resource performance through the collection of information. The research of Simons (cited in Armesh et al. 2010, p.193) identified the four distinct categories as…

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