Organizational Culture And Its Influence On The Organization Essay

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People have unique personalities determine their behaviour, and similarly, every organisation has its own personality, which is called culture (Robbins & Coulter, 2014, p.77). Organisational culture has a strong influence on the system, structure as well as the performance of companies, which might lead to success or failure depends on the types of culture applied within the organisation. An effective culture is important for any organisations because employees are able to understand their responsibilities and finish the work accordingly. In this academic essay, a brief definition of organisational culture and either positive or negative impacts are discussed in order to investigate the general performance of the workplace. Besides, an explanation on how an effective and encouraging culture is created by managers is also included in the discussion part.

According to Robbins & Coulter (2014, p.77), organisational culture holds that each member of an organisation shares the same values, beliefs, principles, and ways of doing, which influences the employee behaviour, and are used to distinguish the organisation from others. Obviously, in order to achieve a desirable culture suiting with organisation’s goals, the organisational founders, senior management have experienced, adapted and modified over periods of time (Al-bahussin & El-garaihy, 2013). For example, a company in which well-structured system and highly bureaucratic are applied, employees will follow standard…

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