Organizational Culture : An Organization Essay

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Organizational Culture
Organizational culture is the pattern of basic assumptions that a given group has invented, discovered, or developed in learning to cope with its problems of external adoption and internal integration, and that have worked well enough to be considered valid (Schein, 1984). Organizational culture focuses on its employees, leaders, internal and external business processes and exams how all people work together to achieve the goals of the organization. Culture in an organization is critical, playing a significant role in whether or not the organization is a happy, healthy place in which to work. While many managers acknowledge the significance of culture, few realize the roles and responsibilities that they have in its development (Kane-Urrabazo, 2006). The culture impacts all of those who work for or with the organization. Culture represents the personality of an organization, having a major influence on both employee satisfaction and organizational success (Kane-Urrabazo, 2006). The culture sets the standards for the organization, the interaction of employees with each other and their interaction with leadership and helps everyone drive the mission of the organization. Culture is socially learned and transmitted by members, and can be found in any fairly stable social unit, of any size, as long as it has a reasonable history. In summary, culture provides norms/rules for behavior in organizations (Yang, 2007).
Employees not only develop the culture, but…

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