Essay on Organizational Culture : An Organization

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With the rise and prosperity of organizational culture, explained as “the interweaving of the individual into a community and the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes members of one known group from another” (Ogbonna, 1992), whether it could be managed or not has drawn considerable attention from researchers. There is a statement that managing organizational culture as a way to improve business performance is beyond the effective capacities of corporate executives. Three arguable points in the statement will be discussed in this essay. First, can organizational culture be managed? Second, is organizational culture capable of improving corporate performance or productivity? The last one is that whether corporate executives can effectively manage organizational culture.

1.Managing organizational culture
Organizational culture consists of both general and specific characteristics, which means that it is not only affected by the bigger picture, but its own members and attributes. If it can be managed, then the influencing factors must also be changeable.

1.1) External factors of organizational culture
The bigger picture includes a lot of external factors, among which the culture of nation is the most remarkable one. It is said that economic base determines the superstructure. In this case, a national economic bases, like its national productivity and modes of production, decide its policy, national value and orientation type, which, in turns, have impact on…

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