Essay on Organizational Culture : An Arduous Task And Responsibility

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Running an organization is an arduous task and responsibility, that not all founders are prepared for. Some founders and leaders are advocates for change and adaptation while others would rather not bother. In the latter, any bump along the road can may be viewed as an inconvenience, not a part of the plan, where the selfishness of a leader is exposed. Founders and leaders set the stage in the atmosphere by dictating the direction of the organizational culture. Organizational culture can either be healthy or dysfunctional, which has employees basking in the ambiance. In part 1, this writer will be discussing components, actions, and attributes that advance to healthy and unhealthy organizational culture. Also, how leadership plays a crucial role in the transformation of workplace culture. In part 2, this writer will be discussing some issues and mental disorders that can develop in or outside of the workplace. Finally, ethical and legal considerations leaders may want to consider.
Part 1
According to, Thomas & Hersen (2002), organizational culture is “set of shared values and norms, held by employers, that guides employees’ interactions with peers, management, and clients/customers” (Thomas & Hersen, 2002). This quote might seem general and farfetched considering the workplace being one of the most diverse settings. In any case, the goal is for an organization to instill social order (Thomas & Hersen, 2002). How can this be accomplished? Via the following basic principles:…

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