Organizational Change Is Not An Easy Task Essay

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Barclays’ cultural issue can be resolved by restructuring and reengineering organizational change. However, organizational change is not an easy task and it needs the involvement of leadership to lead and manage cultural changes. This therefore, Schein (2010) presumes that leadership and culture are two sides of the same coin. Based on the model build by Burke and Litwin (1992), culture can be addressed from the leadership and eventually give implication to the overall company system. Leading cultural change commands for high aspiration leaders to determine what are the preferred values that the employees need to uphold. Therefore, transforming a culture will require transformational leaders especially those in Board and high-level management.

Generally, transformational leadership encompasses the whole dimension of Burke-Litwin model and their behaviour can guide the followers to maximize motivation, performance and increase commitment (Howell and Avolio, 1993). These leaders are ought to portray the best-fit behaviour because managing cultural change should align with the behaviour of the leaders. This can be supported by Smirich (1983) statement where he identified culture as variable that can be manipulated, embedded and evolved by managers as an internal control mechanism. Therefore, Barclays’ transformational leader should possess charisma, intellectual stimulating and individualized consideration (Bass,1985) to set the general climate of what is acceptable…

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