Organizational Change In Nokia

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“Change Model”

Frequent changes can result in change-fatigue in an organization. However, refusal to change with time can have a colossal impact on the organization. With reference to the above topic, this essay will depict the reasons in which why an organization failed because it did not go through organizational change.

In order to increase the proficiency of an organization so as to keep up with upcoming market trends or future competition, positive organizational change is required. Effective methods of operations are needed to replace the conventional methods of doing things so that the organization can improve on a whole. Steps in Kurt Lewin’s change model could help shape the organization more effectively.

There are three steps
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This stage also needs to help employees and organization to internalize new ideas and make changes to their daily work a norm.

“Case Study”

We will be using Nokia case study to analyze the organization failure and the needs for changes. Nokia history spans over 150 years, a company which started out as a paper mill. The name Nokia was derived from the location of the second mill, on the banks of the Nokianvirta river.

Nokia, as we all know, is a company that defined the mobile industry. They introduced the first handheld mobile telephone in the world in 1987, the Mobira Cityman 900. Nokia was dominant in the market, launching popular handsets one after another and by 1998, it was the world leader in terms of the mobile industry.

After decades being at the top, Nokia started to decline after the emergence of Apple, their rival in the mobile industry. In 2007, Apple launched its first generation iPhone, and this in turn started the power shift in the mobile
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Although Nokia sold around 8 million units, the user experience was only considered average. The interface was considered as boring,laggy and outdated as compared to Apple iOS. With Apple and iOS introducing consumers on interesting and new applications and smooth interface, Nokia and Symbian offers outdated and limited range of applications, with delays and hanging in the interface, a common situation for Symbian operating system. Surfing the web on Symbian browser left a lot to be desired as well, considered too laggy and

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