Essay about Organizational Change And Change Within The Organization

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Organizational change is the process in which an organization changes its structure, strategies, operational methods, technologies or organizational culture to affect change within the organization and the effects of these changes on the organization. Organizational change could be continuous or occur at discrete period of time (Burke, 2014). Deep organization change attempting to change the culture of an organization is very difficult. It is hard to make a change when organization seems to be doing well. The knowledge for how to plan and implement organization change is limited. Even when the change goals are clear and change leaders are willing to stay on course for a period of time, the process may end up non-linear (Burke, 2014).
Gersick, 1991 classified two kinds of organizational change: Gradual change and revolutionary change. The main difference between the two is that gradual change supports the prime structures or current order whereas revolutionary change destroys and replaces current structure and order (Burke, 2014). Revolutionary change is a major overhaul of the organization resulting in a modified or entirely new mission, a change in strategy, leadership, and culture. It occurs in leaps, spurts, and disruptions, and non-linear manner. Most of the revolutionary changes are unplanned change, although, they could be planned as well (Burke, 2014).
As cited by Burke (2014), different scholars representing different disciplines independently derived similar…

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