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Organizational Change Plan Part I
Tericka Small

Laura Rainey

Organizational Change Plan Part I
The proposed organizational change plan is designed for One Core Health. In a way to advance the facility, health care information must improve. Understanding the need for change is essential to the success of change. Electronic Medical Record Implementation (EMR) has become necessary at One Core Health. Having patients checked in and ready to see their providers at the scheduled appointment time not only allows the providers the time they need to assess and care for the patient, but also leads to patient satisfaction (Anderson, Commacho & Balkrishnan, 2007). This organizational change plan will examine the need in One Core
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The EMR may influence many or all components of hospital care, including treatment, admission billing and discharging. Mustain, Lowery, & Wihoit, identified barriers faced by nursing leaders when introducing an EMR into an inpatient setting. The obstacles identified are fear, apathy, and competing priorities. There are many nurses and people who are afraid of technology. “Apathy was related to the lengthy times of implementation and implementation readiness. Electronic medical record projects are commonly delayed by issues with organization, software malfunctions and anomalies, and hardware problems. Competing priorities require coordination by senior leadership and by unit managers with input from nurses and other personnel who will be the users of the system” (Mustain et, al., 2008). Another barrier to the EMR implementation is change fatigue. Change fatigue is characterized by a lack of engagement, cynicism and skepticism, and frustration with the implementation of any change within an organization (Moore & Jones, 2010).
There are factors that might influence the organizational change. Patient satisfaction is what One Core Health is all about. With the patients not complaining about having to fill out the same paper work each time they come can be a positive influence. With the implementation of the EMR, the facility would be able to store personal healthcare information, medical images and other data to

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