Organizational Behavior: The Importance Of Strategic Management In The Organization

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Employees have the ability to break or make a company; consequently, a company’s greatest advantage is its personnel. In order to realize success a company must hire quality workers, be organized in such a manner to promote success, and then empower their workforce to employ their skills and creativity to accomplish extraordinary things. Organizational behavior involves the influences impacting how people in organizations act, feel, think, and react to their work, toward each other, and toward people outside their organization. Managing organizational behavior is particularly important to the leaders who are responsible for supervising the activities of their employees. Creating a safe and nurturing environment for all employees while placing …show more content…
In order to accomplish a strategic management group needs to be formed that will meet regularly with the goal to get Divisional documentation custodians and/or their leads together to address documentation challenges concerning their processes, formats, and tools to provide options that the division leadership may want to take for action. This intended effort is to establish a framework and obtain buy-in so that the organization will gain effectiveness and efficiencies and try to converge on a number of ways to better handle its documentation processes. This would create an environment to discuss the organization’s customer and command requirements so that they can learn and incorporate them correctly, eventually bring some commonality within the Division, create an environment where employees can be cross trained, and lead to a more sustainable competitive advantage within the …show more content…
(Xaxx, 2016) Creating a strategic management group that meets regularly will create an environment where employees can not only relate information but share, receive and give feedback while setting goals, check on progress, and when necessary make changes to the goals. Allowing employees to bond in an efficient and effective manner; therefore building a communication rich organization.
• Organizational Learning – Organizational learning is the process which allows groups to disseminate insights and knowledge across the organization in order to improve performance. (Milway & Saxton, 2011) Within the Division some document custodians have established an effective way of doing business while others have shortfalls or are non-existent; sharing what is working and what is not will connect the document custodians so that they can build upon each other’s ideas and improve in effectiveness and efficiency rather than working in

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