Organizational Behavior : The Factors That Influence Workers Essay

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Organizational behavior encompasses the factors that influence workers. It looks at how workers influence each other and how an organization influences its workers. There are several factors that motivate workers. These factors correlate directly to the workers’ satisfaction. In addition to these influences, there are other factors that affect how workers feel about their jobs and their workplace performance.

Insights into Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior observes how staff members, workplace groups and corporate structures affect workers individually. The discipline incorporates concepts from communications, sociology, management and biology. The topic is parallel to organizational theory which in turn falls under human resources. As a business leader, it is important to comprehend the forces that drive people. We people work together, a relationship forms, and those relationships affect how they respond in the work environment. It is critical to understand how these relationships work to successfully manage a team.

Various Forms of Organizational Behavior

Organizational theorists view the discipline from multiple perspectives. Similar to economics, theorists observe organizational dynamics from micro and macro views. Micro-organizational theory looks at individuals and group, while macro-organizational theory looks at entire organizations and even whole industries. The theorists observe behavior influences by these different organizational levels…

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