Organizational Behavior Of Organization Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior Introduction
Organizational behavior covers a variety of topics and viewpoints that are related to the studies of behaviors of individuals or groups in the work place. The theory’s that branch out of organization behavior stem from a verity of places: sociology, leadership, psychology, and communication (Boundless, 2016). The purpose of the study of organizational behaviors is to improve business practice while maintaining a healthy work environment. The areas that gain improvements based on the study of Organization behavior are decision-making, team building leadership, motivation, and job satisfaction (Boundless, 2016) The ability to make improvement in any of these area allows organization to be more profitable in the end, due to it will save the organization time and money.
Employees are responsible for their own actions in their everyday life and how it affects those around them. It is the supervisors that are responsible for maintaining order within the daily chaos of the organization culture when the employees forget their part. Effective leadership plays a critical role in the success of organization. If organizations do not have effective leadership all employees no matter their station become unmotivated and dissatisfied. Goleman as cited in HBR (2011) stated there are six styles to being an effective leader; coercive style – do what I say, authoritative style –come with me, affiliative style –the employees come first, democratic…

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