Organizational Behavior Is The Ethical Challenge Essay examples

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Question 1
Organizational Behavior is the study and application of different people who behave differently within diverse organizations inside the work place. It is important because it will allow us as individuals to more engaged as a business executive. Being able to handle stress, to get along with people of different cultures and races; making operative decisions, and working with a team in a great job. (Bauer & Erdogan, 2014, p. 10) One the contemporary challenges for the field of Organizational Behavior, is the ethical challenge. It basically gives ethical principles in the workplace.
For an example, the Enron Corp. who fool regulators with false corporate records for a long time. (Investopedia) This is a challenge for corporations based on the company’s accountability. Within the ethical challenge, it continues from day to day which an opportunity for the organizations to be on the forefront moral thinking.

Question 2
The different research methodologies that are used to study Organization Behavior are, hypotheses, variable and surveys. (p. 16) A Hypotheses is the process of something that could be predicted based on different observations. Based on researcher’s ideals, they use variables to get an understanding of the relationship. To get more feedback or additional information, they use surveys to see different reactions to detailed questions. In comparison, hypotheses and variables are the same because it helps to understand the research. These two also explains…

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